Leeward Islands

We would sail for three weeks at a time. There were two "trip leaders" about, myself (the dive instructor) and a skipper. We had only a limited amount of freshwater onboard and knowing how teenagers are, we turned off the spigot for the showers. Cruel, yes, but necessary. Every few days we'd turn it back on for one minute showers. Every month the rigging was checked for problems.

I met lots of fantastic teenagers. Here I am (in shades) with Megan Max. I don't think she missed a single dive and was great motivation for the other students to keep doing more. Learning skills such as SCUBA diving and sailing gives them confidence before going away to college. They also learn about leadership and different cultures.

This is one of our only group shots and was attempted during quite surly seas. We built the back dive platform to hold our compressor and tanksand was excellent for evening platform dive contests

I taught Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue SCUBA classes which required a bit of studying from the kids. They all were excellent divers by the end of the trip. Some even did a few specialty classes, like Wreck Diver or Underwater Naturalist.

Our Zodiak had a 55 HP engine and we were equipped with wakeboard, waterskis, and tube. It wasn't hard to motivate the kids and so took advantage of every calm morning and anchorage to get in some runs..