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Second Year of teaching, this time in Seoul

I had such an interesting year teaching that I signed on for yet another year, but this time to teach in Seoul at the GKI School located right next to Olympic Park. Seoul has a population of about 11 million people and was an even better year than in Pusan. A favorite pastime was to go to Insadong which was a area of traditional Korean restaurants, crafts, shops. The week end was the best time to go to see all the street performers.

Some of the streets were so narrow and the only way to pass was with scooters and a lot of faith. It is hard to see in the photo, but there are three propane tanks strapped to the back of his bike. Usually it was the younger men running errands like this and not uncommon to have disastrous consequences.

Namdaemoon Market is a 24 hour incredible journey to the center of every shopping whim. You could find brand name clothes and traditional Korean costumes.  
We decided that have the people in Korea were for some reason sleep deprived because they would fall asleep on any public transportation.

Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday was my favorite holiday. At the temples they would hang thousand of lanterns and it was magical to walk around in their twinkle and hear the monks humming.

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