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Diving with mines

I took a SCUBA diving trip to the East Sea (formally the Sea of Japan) with Mooney Divers. I was eager to get my gills wet. We had to drive first through the high mountains to get there and then began to suit up next to a heavily armed chain link fence. We were very close to the DMZ. I wanted to take pictures of the soldiers and the signs but the minute I took out my camera an undercover agent came out of nowhere and stopped me. The dive site was an artificial reef and we took a small boat to get to the site just off shore. There were just the divers the boat driver and a plain clothes man on board. We took the dive (freezing) and then piled back in the boat to head we were doing that, an alarm went off and the driver quickly cut the engine and turned the boat 90 degrees and made another approach in. The alarm went off again....and the engine was cut and the boat turned. I asked our

SCUBA diving in South Korea

divemaster what this was for and he said "to avoid the mines".......Great. Apparently this was the site of a North Korean submarine shoot-out a few years back and the plainclothesman's job was to count to make sure that the same number of divers get in the boat that went extra north Koreans.

Pebble Beach was just a few minutes from downtown Pusan. It was a fun day trip on the weekends and you could catch a ferry to the other beaches or eat fresh raw seafood by the shore. Ryan and Michael were from Canada and teachers as well.

My mother, elder brother, and his fiancé cam to visit me in Korea before my first year of teaching was over.

Haeyunde Beach, Pusan, South Korea

This is Hayundae Beach, the most famous beach in Korea. It was really a part of Pusan and was a fun place to go to hear music and eat seafood. Both pictures were taken from pretty much the same spot. The one on the left is of my brother during winter when it was vitually empty. The one on the right was taken during the summer when crowds can get to be 200,000 thick.

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