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Teaching Kindergarten

In fall 1999, I took a job with GKI Kindergarten in Poongnap 2 Dong in Seoul, South Korea. It was an already well established school run by Mr. Yim (pictured above). There were about 5 English teachers and 3 Kindergarten teachers (myself being one of them along with about 10 Korean teachers and assistants. I had an energetic bunch of 24 kindergartners and ran a normal day of, science, music, math, etc. They were faster learners than my adult class of Education Board Members in the evenings. We had a huge "ball pool" in the basement which was a McDonalds Playland that the director had shipped in from the states.

Chusok was the Korean Thanksgiving and not unlike our Thanksgiving in the states...only they don't wear pilgrims clothing but their traditional Hanbok and have a big feast.
Ron and I. He ended up being one of my brightest students. He could explain the molecular principals of water freezing in English by the end of the year.

Soo and Emily relax during one of our cookouts on the roof of the school. I think we were celebrating Fourth of July or something. Our school was basically a giant pink castle.

Korea isn't for everyone, but if you can handle something really different, it can be very rewarding. I still crave kim chi in the morning and look forward to returning one day.

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